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Vidameter : Fitness Tacker which also tracks your Vitals & Prepares for Emergency

Fitness trackers can count step, can tell you your heart rate while you are running, know if you are breathing properly but nobody warns you unless you are tracking the data live on your phone or the couch is watching at your stats.

That said, Vidameter, a new entry in Fitness Tacking segment is coming up with a different style and approach. It’s rolling in the idea of prevention along with health care.


Note: The project is on Indiegogo looking for support and whatever we express below is our impression.

The Design and Sensors

It comes with 9 sensors which tracks Emergency Alerts, Blood Pressure, Hearth Rate Monitor, Oxygen Saturation, ECG, HRV, Stress, Temperature and overdoing sports signals. It combines data from all these sensors and give instant alerts if you are running to fast and raising your pressure on the heart or if you are too tired to drive back home.

Detailed Specification:

  • Displays and sensors: Apart from all the nine sensors mentioned above, 1 .55 inch screeen displays all the data. It also uses Cylindrical vibration motor and LED.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, RFID and GSM/WCDMA/LTE
  • Power and battery: Lithium-polymer battery which can last 10 days between charges. It can be charged over QI.
  • Software: Works with Windows Phone, Windows Desktop App, Android and iOS
  • Water resistance upto 300 m with maximum operating altitude of 26246 feet (8,000m) and resistance to cold and heat between -40°C to +80°C/ -40°F to +180°F.

Vidometer Sensors

So how does it feel when you wear it. The team claims you won feel it because it adjusts to your body well. The tracker is built using polymer which takes the shape of your wrist making it feel natural instead of feeling a band around you. This adds the advantage of the strap not falling off accidentally anywhere and your partner feeling comfortable you with a band on your wrist.

Here is a video :

How does it work in an emergency?

The nine sensors can recognize an emergency from the change of your vital data. So, If you are unconscious or injured, it can automatically sends an emergency call and informs up to 10 pre-defined persons or institutions via encrypted SMS, MMS or E-Mail (you have the possibility to predefine it).

This message contains data of your location and your vital state. As soon as the recipient opens the message, the data appears on the mobile phone display as a snapshot. The received data will not be stored on the mobile phone of the recipient. Should your vital state change, a new message is sent. We are working with a partner with whom it is possible to send the data in any part of the world, even without a mobile reception.

Are all countries supported?

As of now more than 200 countries are supported with future goal to support more countries. However, regulations in some countries require one to signup with the services and hence the person using the band will have to take the initiative. Countries like Lettland, Finnland, China, you have to face the difficulty that personal data is not allowed to be sent to predefined persons and institutions, unless the person who is sending the data has agreed to this service in advance, and the fact that in some countries the mobile phone network is not fully developed.

The first problem we will solve by offering special packages that make it possible to send data about the vital state of a person. The second one we have already solved with our partner with whom it is possible to be reachable in any part of the world.

How does calorie counting works?

The on screen setup of the device allows you to key in your basic data like body size, weight, age and so on. Once done, it will analyze and test your vitals to find out your health status. Once done that, the rest of the tracking is automatic. For even more accurate results, you can choose the type of activity when you workout.

As of now, the accuracy is 83% in calorie counting, because it recognizes which activity you are doing and how many calories your body burns through your work-out.

More than Fitness Tracker:

Vidameter gets into your lifestyle by integrating with your social networks, NFC payments, Bar code and QR Scanning, Secure authentication and so on. Here is the list of all the social features:

  • Wireless Synch
  • Secure Authentication
  • Gesture Control
  • Time and Date
  • Smart Alarm
  • Outdoor Temperature
  • Barcode and QR scanning
  • Social Media Networking
  • Paying Contactless
  • Unlocking and Locking Contactless

What We think ?

The fitness tracker does so many things, right from sleep apnoea to altimeter to blood flow rate to gesture control and gesture control, that its too many promises to complete. While we are impressed with their technology, the whole idea of prevention and long lasting battery life, we seriously hope that it gets delivered.

In an interesting module, the first 1000 people who fund it will be beta testers which will allow the company to shape its accuracy and real time feedback. This will be delivered by July 2015. Later the final phase will be rolled out which will  be delivered in December 2015.

Vidameter costs 229$ on Indiegogo but in retail it will go as high as 479$ which is almost three times the usual trckers but then it comes with plethora of features which you wont find in other trackers priced at 100 to 150 USD.

We will keep an eye on how the development goes and see if can get our hands on it once it retails out. If any of you fund it, do share your experience with us.

Find product details at the official website or at Indiegogo

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