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Wear Aware Makes Sure You Aren’t Leaving Your Phone or the Watch Behind

What happens when you have costly gadgets ? You fear leaving them almost anywhere and start hitting your pockets to make sure they are with you. Well people still tend to leave behind and so here is one app that can notify you immediately that you just left your better half, a phone or the watch, behind. While I am sure its the phone you often tend to leave behind but if are starting your day, watches could the victim here.

Wear Aware Dont Foget

Recently, Google opened up a new category of apps for Wearables and while there are few already ready to be used, Wear Aware is catching lot of attention.  This app works almost like Nokia Tag device by sending you a buzz as soon as any of the paired device can’t find each other. Once installed on your wearable, you can run a test to see how it works both as a demo or in real-time.


The application is in its first version and only works with Android Wear Supported devices. So if you are trying on one which isn’t, please don’t complain but check here first. Also there could be bugs and so the developer will need to your feedback to make it even better.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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