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Wear Battery Stats : Monitor Your Android Wear Device Battery Life

Wearables are prone to battery drain, a problem which probably has no fix for now. Most of the Android Wear devices, as of now, last for a max of 1 day which is way too less. That said, problem could be on either side. May be its Android wear on the fault (bright chances) or it could be an app. So, how do we figure it out ? Meet Wear Battery Stats, an app, that helps you monitor your Android Wear device battery life.

Wearable Battery Stats


  • It tracks the battery level and predict when you will be out of battery. Useful, if you are leaving for a long trip.
  • See your apps activity to determine if an app causes a battery drain. Best is to find alternative to the app or uninstall it.
  • Be notified when the battery percentage or the remaining time are below a level.

That said, it’s still in initial stage of development, and be ready for some bugs as well. So you have two choices here, install and help the developer to mature it, or wait till it matures.

Wearable Battery Stats Features


Wear Battery Stats
Wear Battery Stats
Developer: Nicolas POMEPUY
Price: Free+

While the app is free, there are in-app purchases to unlock few features.  It works with  LG G Watch,  Samsung Gear Live, and  Moto 360.

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