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Wearables Ring and Fin Makes Your Life Better with Gesture Controls

Wearable are all set for explosive growth this year as per IDC and close to 19 million wearable devices will ship worldwide by end of this year. There are quite a lot of innovative products coming up and we recently covered the wearable mouse which can be worn on your thumb. Ring and Fin are two other wearable devices to be worn on fingers and does tasks using gestures.

The Ring lets you do stuffs just by writing patterns in the air and it connects to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 7, Android 4.4 and Windows Phone, via the Bluetooth. Once you have connected the device, it lets you manage them using gestures.


Ring only detects the movement of the finger that is inside and identifies the gesture being made. You can perform gestures regardless of time or place.

As of now Ring can perform 4 main functions:

  • Gesture control which lets you control home appliances and apps;
  • Text transmission which recognizes the text that you gesture;
  • Payment information transmission allows to pay for bills by gesturing the amount
  • Alerts and Notifications which lets you receive transmissions, alerts, vibrations using the built-in vibration and LED.

Ring Movements

More details on the ring available here.

Fin is another wearable device which was initiated by an Indian based start up and it is a tiny hardware product that you can wear on your thumb as a ring and which converts your whole palm into a gesture interface. It has a optical sensor placed in a small ring placed around your thumb and it is able to detect swipes and taps across your hand. When it detects a gesture, it sends that command off to your connected device and it can be your smartphone, TV, or another wearable device.

Fin wearable

You can assign each activities of connected devices to each segments of your fingers and it can act like Hot Keys. Example: Just a tap using thumb on the Segment of the Finger to Make your Phone Silent Mode ON/OFF while phone in your pocket. So you can configure multiple tasks for each segment of your finger using Fin.


Fin is a Bluetooth enabled device that we can connect to three different digital gadgets like Smartphones, Smart TVs, Automobiles, and Home automation devices providing multiple device compatibility. Fin comes in 5 colors namely Vermilion Orange, Royal White, Matte Black, Liberty Blue and Persian Green.

Here is a video on how Fin works.

More details on Fin is available here.

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