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Welcome to ConnectedArena!

We have evolved! WearablesArena is now ConnectedArena. Less than a year back, when we started with WearablesArena, the focus was very much on the next big thing in technology – Wearables. But the truth is, there’s so much more to it, than just smartwatches and fitness trackers. Wearables is a small part of the big bad world of Connected Devices. Call them Internet of Things or Internet of Everything, in the next few years, virtually everything in our home will be connected to the internet. In the near future, over 99% of everything we use will connect to the internet. Whoa!


So we thought why stop at Wearables? We got to dive in and get our hands dirty with anything and everything in this ‘Connected’ world. Of course, the wearables will continue to drive the chariot, being the most likely candidate to go mainstream first (Apple Watch is here you see!)

We did have a category for IoT and managed to cover quite a few interesting products along the way. But with ConnectedArena, the focus will not be restricted to Wearables. As per a report by the popular research firm, Gartner, there will be more than 20 BILLION connected devices by 2020. By the same time PCs, tablets and smartphones together are expected to hit 7.3 billion units, which is like 1/3rd of the number of connected devices. That’s a huge number and we believe ConnectedArena will be there to cover them all for you.

Considering how vast this whole world of Connected devices is, your role as the reader becomes extremely crucial for ConnectedArena. Let us know through the comments section below as to what interests you more. Whether it’s the wearables or connected cars or home automation or connected toys or personal lifestyle products. Share with us what excites you more and what you want to see on ConnectedArena henceforth. It’ll be our endeavor to bring the best of these devices to make your life more exciting and a lot better with the help of technology. Please give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Google+

And yes, welcome again to ConnectedArena.

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Raju is the co-founder and editor of ConnectedArena. He has been into professional blogging since 2008 with his site Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.