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WhatsApp Comes to Android Wear [Hands on]

We finally see some real developer activity happening on the Android Wear. After some half baked games like SWIP3, we see top apps making their way to the wearable OS. WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app with over 500 million active users every month, has made its way to the Android Wear app market.


Starting today, Android Wear users will be able to not only read the WhatsApp messages on their wrists, but can also use voice dictation to reply back to those messages. Yes, we do have some interesting keyboard implementations for small screens, like the Minuum, but using Voice-to-text makes a lot of sense on smartwatches.

WhatsApp hasn’t sent an official release and change log yet, but users can manually update the app on their smartphones to get the new app installed on on their Android Wear watches. In addition to the simple push notification, WhatsApp for Android Wear lets users read stacked conversation messages and reply to them using voice as shown below.

[via] 9to5Google

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