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World’s Smallest Wearable Mouse—ThumbTrack

Wearable technology is fast catching up and we are seeing so many new innovative products coming up. Here is one such product which is the world’s smallest wearable mouse. Most of us use the mouse for our computers be it desktop or laptops and there hasn’t been much change in the design and usage of mouse over the years. But with ThumbTrack things are going to change.

ThumbTrack is an ergonomic touch ring-mouse controlled by the tip of your thumb. You can wear it on your thumb and perform all mouse functions with ease, eliminating the risk of pain or injury to your hand and wrist.


ThumbTrack eliminates the pain of using the mouse for long term. You can perform all the actions using this wearable technology. The device is made of flexible rubber material which makes it easy for use for all finger sizes. The device can be worn either on your left or right hand without restrictions in usability.

Here is how ThumbTrack works:

  • Switch On – Press the center button/tracking area for 3 seconds
  • Navigate – Gently slide your thumb over the main tracking area
  • Select – 2 touch sensitive buttons and 1 additional button
  • Scroll – Capacitive Touch-Scrolling for vertical navigation
  • Switch Off – Press the center button/tracking area for 3 seconds

Tech specs1

The device is resistant to sweat and the occasional splash, so you don’t have to worry about water spilling on to it. The device comes with rechargeable batteries which lasts for approximately 15 hours in one charge and takes close to 2 hours to recharge it. The End-of-Life span of the Li-ion battery will occur in approximately three years.

ThumbTrack does not need any additional software to use with Windows and Mac. Just plug the USB receiver and you are all ready to go. ThumbTrack operates on a 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency similar to Bluetooth and runs a custom-written protocol for communication.

More details on how to get this device is available on Indiegogo.

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