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Xiaomi Announces “Mi Smart Weight Scale” for Just $16, Taking on Fitbit Again

Xiaomi is known to get premium & quality product at a price which can be afforded by consumers with any budget. After the Mi Fitness Band, they are back with Smart Weight Scale which costs only $16 and can manage the weight of a whole family up to 16 people, if not all your neighbours for sure.

The company claims that this weight scale is capable of registering the slight change of your weight even after your drinking a bottle of water or 50 gms of intake which points to the accuracy of the scale.


This is in direct completion to Fitbit Again which has a Smart Weight scale named as Aria, and it costs $130. The advantage that Aria comes is that it connects with all mobile platform, and not just Xiaomi devices. However, you should know that Fitbit’s Aria is lot more than a smart scale. It also measures BMI, and lean mass & body fat percentage.

It’s time Xiaomi needs to open up their platform for all device, and not just stick with their devices alone

Apart from this, the company has also launched Mi Smart Plug Board which lets you turn on and off any of the devices connected with the USB port. Yes you read that right, the board comes with three USB ports along with three universal sockets for plugs. It’s all white, and your kids might take it for a fancy pencil box.  The cost of this smart board is only 8 dollars which is under 500 in Indian currency.


Source MIUI Forums

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