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Xiaomi Jumps into Wearables Arena, Introduces Mi Band for Just $13

Xiaomi created a huge buzz when they launched their Android Phone and now they are taking the wearables market head-on with their own fitness bands, priced at $13 or 10 Euros. Xiaomi is taking on the likes of Fitbit Flex and others whose fitness trackers are priced around $100. This is huge as it will make werables for this category so affordable and possibly take them mainstream much faster than we anticipated.


At the first sight, this looks very close to any other fitness tracker out there which comes with LED to help you know how close you are to the goal and should have similar band quality, specially at this price. I use a flexbit myself and I would be interested to know if it is as accurate as the fitness trackers which have a great market and known for their accuracy.


These bands also come in different colors, orange, pink, blue, green and cyan as you can see in the picture above. This should appeal to mass users and not just guys interested in fitness. The top portion seems to be metallic while the band should be silicon based.

Quick Features:

  • Fitness monitor & sleep tracker
  • Sleep-cycle smart alarm
  • Unlock your Mi phone without a password
  • 30-day standby power
  • Water resistant (IP67)
  • Stylish band options (incl. wrap-around and leather)

The Mi Band can be used to unlock the Xiaomi phones. It’s still not clear which all phones will be supported. And it can be used to monitor the sleep quality and exercise. It also comes with a smart alarm clock to wake you up from sleep. The Mi Band will be waterproof and has a standby battery time of 30 days, but it’s not yet clear how long it will last when actually used.

How about Software Interface and Third Party Integration?

It’s always tough to move an existing customer to another brand. So for example I have been using the flex for almost 6 months and If I want to pick this up, I would need either my data to get ported to their platform or this band to work with existing platform. This is important as I need to see how I have improved over my health. We haven’t heard about it till now and will get back to you as we get to know it.

There are lot of unanswered questions regarding Xiaomi Mi Band. Be sure to check this post a while later as we keep updating it with more details.

Via TechINAsia

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