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YUFit Review

When it comes to affordable Fitness trackers in India, you can count them with your fingers. YUFit is one them. It’s the cheapest fitness tracker, priced for Rs 999, which comes with a display, counts steps, calories burnt, knocks you when you are sitting too idle, along with integration with your phone for Email, SMS and Health System notifications while you’re on the move.

YUFit is a product which wants to deliver features at an affordable price, because in India it’s difficult to sell something which most of the people will perceive it as a step counter. While this is definitely more than step counter, we take a look at various aspects of the tracker to find out its worth.


How is the Accuracy? Does it count false steps?

The basic functionality of a tracker is to count steps, and if it’s not accurate, it becomes totally useless. I had a huge doubt on YUFit tracking accuracy, but it took me totally by surprise. The Fitness tracker keeps false tracking at bay. So for example I have used it while driving for 30 minutes, and it only added 30 to 40 steps for it.

YuFit Stats Display

I also compared it with two other fitness trackers–Misfit  Shine (I keep this in pocket) and Fitbit Surge (I wear it on my wrist) — and when I compared YUFit’s data with them, YUFit was always on the lower side with a difference of 100 to 200 steps, on an average.

How is the Display? Is it convenient ?

The orientation of text displayed is vertical to the way you look at it. So every time I take a look at the display, I would bend my hand, and neck both a little. I would strongly suggest YUFit to roll out an update which can help change this orientation problem.

The text on the display is clear though. There is small capacitive button on one side, which when pressed, switches to display step count, notifications, calories burnt, and distance walked.

YuFit Review Display Orientation

Does it look pretty on hand ?

No. It looks like a regular band with a display on top. While that’s not a quality you will expect but its justified for thousand bucks. I have used Misfit Shine, and it comes with similar band but costs three times.

Can you lose it while wearing it?

Very minor chances. When you couple the band ends together, it passes through loop, very similar to how you wear a belt on your waist. This system makes sure you won’t lose it unless you never cross checked after wearing it. However,  when coupling the ends really hurts on the hand when you push the knob in one of those punch holes.

YuFit Review Band

How long does it last? (Battery Life)

Expect the battery to last for 14  to 15 days which is decent for tracker at this price. The closes competitor, Mi Band, lasts for over a month, but then there is no display. When it comes to charging, the band uses a custom charger. You will need to take out the tracker out of the band then slide it in the holder, and then connect to any USB port to charge it up. It takes around 45 minutes to completely charge.

How well the phone integration play along ?

So when it comes to apps that connect with YUFit, there are two. The first is the YUFit app which takes care of syncing data, but not display stats. You can configure the following things:

  • Band as Camera, and Video Remote.
  • Find your Phone.
  • Set Alarm
  • Move Alert : This is the best feature. The band will remind you to move in every  30 minutes. You can set the time slot for the reminders.
  • Incoming Call / SMS
  • Out of Range : Useful if you leave your phone behind.
  • Find your Band
  • SOS
  • Enable / Disable Buzz
  • Reset Device.

This part is largely disappointing. The module comes with low energy bluetooth which is supposed to sync data between the app and the tracker, constantly. However, the connection doesn’t stay alive after the sync is complete. Except for once of twice, I never saw background sync or call notifications working.

Can it help you push a little more with it’s HealthifyMe integration ?

The second part is HealthifyMe App. It’s a third-party service which displays all your stats, and also offers one week of free program to help you stay fit. This includes discussion with trainers, suggestion for diet and so on in its pro mode. I tried my best, but found one week wasn’t enough to actually evaluate it. So no comments on this part.

One thing I did like about the app is the Food Logging as it the food database is tailored to Indian food style and helps you accurately count the amount of calories you consume.

Conclusion : Is it worth buying?

The review unit we tested performed decently, and if you are looking for a step counter which comes with display, this is a good deal. However, two things to keep in mind

  • Features like the bluetooth integration, Email Alerts etc don’t play very well. It will be mostly on and off thing.
  • The wear and tear will be an issue in long-term, specially the display. If you keep bumping your watch now and then, make sure to be careful with this band. Or the best way to use it to probably keep it in pocket.

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